This girl and her tattoo

I sat there staring at her.Her right leg in contact with my left leg.Her curvy hips begetting mine to blush. My boxers,khaki jeans,her tight cut-off jeans,knickers or anything she wore underneath between her and me.God!

I know it might sound quirky,but,believe me.At that moment if she asked me to marry her I would say yes.I mean it.I’m crazy.Hot girls can make you crazy.

Don’t have a wrong impression about me,please.It had never happened before,I swear.Not in my sober mind,for chrissake.Am ain’t a womanizer either.But…well,what else was I supposed to think when a very hot girl strut past all the empty seats and lowered herself beside me?Uh?I assume that she felt sort of cold and needed some warmth by staying close to me?OK.It would be true if this scene happened somewhere in Kisii,but this is Dar where thermometers has never read anything below 30°c.

Anyway,she walked across the aisle with a lofty proud gait and sat beside me.Despite of my stares!She had guts,that girl. The seat squeaked a little as she sat.The tout and a few people in front seats turned and glanced at her.More of staring.Not that I’m embellishing this:she had a body every boy would want and the girls envy.

We stayed like 10minutes before the mat was full.Silent.Boy,I have never experienced such a sickly silence before.At some moments I felt like starting up a conversation with her but again I thought against it.Fear I suppose.Am a yellow person when it comes to beautiful women.They are unpredictable and can say anything.Occasionally,Insulting.Maybe,they think voices of some of us-the guys with thin wallet might jinx their beauty.

When the mat was full and started moving,she also moved.Closer to me!Anyway,she only moved because,here,the daladalas are never full till the number of people standing on the aisle doubles that in seats.Weird?What about having to join a per-form 1 before enrolling to a regular secondary school course?So,this huge sweaty mamaa was kind of pushing her.Amen?Can you smell some miracles happening here?

Ntakosea nkikuegemea?” She asked in Shania Twain’s voice.

Hamna shida wangu”.….yes,wangu.Not the dadangu crap which would have caused being friend-zoned.I said it suave as hell.And in a very mature voice.You would think I had just celebrated my 100th birthday.

She smiled.

Mmmh,una bega nzuri.” she was now becoming either flirty or scornful.But I didn’t mind.I only wanted her to keep talking.

Ni ndogo”

“Sipendi kubwa mie”



Unapenda vitu vidogo ama” I joked.

Ndio“She said after a faint giggle,but after getting my joke she laughed quite hysterically and said that for some things,she loves them big.Oh,no medium.

I laughed too.You don’t let hot damsels laugh alone.Its an insult to their beauty!

Look, I will be honest, that bit of
conversation only happened in my mind,but it should have happened.I wished it happened,but it didn’t.She only moved closer to me.And not by choice,damn it.Now,she was so close that I could hear her heart beat.Her breathe warmer than the air.I found myself thinking a lot about her.Her long hair and anything happening beneath her skull.I wondered if she was thinking about me too.Was she wondering about this mute guy who was only staring without saying a word?Hell,did she think I was sort of dumb?And felt like pitying me?Or she was used to being stared at just like Mugabe is used to university degrees!Like a child,I pictured opening her skull,unspooling her brain and sieving it,picking all her thoughts and laughing like hyena while doing it.

Anyway,I could tell she wasn’t thinking about me.You can easily tell when people’s minds are miles way.But,you could tell she was nervous from the way she chewed a gum.Why do beautiful girls chew a lot,anyway?She removed a pair of white earphones from the abyss of a bag lying on her hips,gave me a sharp glance which didn’t last a second,then she thrust them in both ears killing a chance for any kind of a conversation.Girls! I looked down in submission.But,down-on the metallic floor of the daladala,I mean.The only thing I saw was some quite pricey pair of saddles,short feet with podgy toes!Boy,I love girls with short leg feet with podgy toes!Who the hell hates girls with short feet,anyway?

I might have stared at them for too looooong before I saw those fine feet drag the saddles and slipping into them.I knew she was going,with infinity chances of never meeting again.The comfort of her thighs in contact with mine was going to be replaced by this hulk-like mamaa!I felt lonesome.Bile and dread itched up my throat.I cursed myself for the lack of balls to ask for a phone number.Maybe she would have given it to me.Maybe that what she wanted but I became mute.Jesus,It killed me.

I raised my head to catch the last glimpse of her back as she walked out though the aisle.She might have had rubbed against someone,thus her blouse moving upwards,reveling a tattoo just a few inches to the ridge of her ass.It was a heart with a spear piercing through it.Well,I know sometimes a heart is used represent love.But what about a pierced heart?Pierced with a damn spear and not a nail,at least.Doesn’t mean she was terribly heart broken or something?I mean,She was madly in love-drew the heart.Then her heart was broken and it was so painful that she drew a fucking spear piercing through it?But the big question killing me till now is why the hell was the tattoo on the back and not on the arm?C’mon,Isn’t it crazy to tattoo a pierced heart on the back?


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